Welcome to, a website for people looking for walking routes on Deeside in Scotland, in partnership with

At present there are 13 walks to choose from, from around Ballater and Loch Kinord - and with more walks added regularly.

Key to maps

You'll find these symbols on the maps on

The walkers: the walkers mark the start of the walk. Don't worry - you won't need rucksacks and a walking stick for these walks (or at least most of them...).

The green traffic-light: where the walk route is a loop the green traffic light tells you which way to go first.

The red traffic-light: where there is a green traffic light to mark the route you should take to start the walk, the red traffic-light tells you the way you will return to the start of the walk. 
Point of interest: on certain maps there are particular points of interest, often sites that have a bit of Deeside local history to them. You'll find them highlighted on the maps with a marker like this. Look for the highlighted heading in the description of the walk route to tell you a little bit more about this site. 

Car park

Coffee-shop: There are some lovely coffee shops in Ballater and on Deeside. Where one of the walks passes near one I've marked it on the map. 
Bus-stop: the 201, 202 and 210 bus routes from Aberdeen serve Deeside. Where there is a helpful stop near a walk I've marked it on the maps. 

Viewpoint: there are many spots with great views on the maps and I haven't marked all of them, but sometimes where there is such a spot I've marked it with this camera symbol.


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