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At present there are 13 walks to choose from, from around Ballater and Loch Kinord - and with more walks added regularly.

At a glance

Here are snapshots of the maps of the walks around Ballater and Deeside that you'll find on Click on a picture to view the walk in more detail:

Around Ballater Golf Course, Deeside Ballater to Bridge of Gairn, Deeside

Around Ballater Golf Course

2 miles, no climb, easy

Old Railway Line to Bridge of Gairn

2.5 miles, gentle climb, easy

Old Railway Line to Cambus o'May, Deeside Around Craigendarroch, Deeside

Old Railway Line to Cambus o May

2.5 miles, gentle climb, easy

Around Craigendarroch

1.7 miles, medium climb, hard in places

Up Craigendarroch, Deeside Pannanich, Deeside

Craigendarroch to the top and back

2 miles, steep in places, hard


1.7 miles, very steep, hard

Ballater to Cambus o'May, Deeside Lary to Morven, Deeside

Ballater to Cambus o May and back

7 miles, no climb, easy

Lary to Morven

11 miles, steep in places, hard

Creagan Riabhach, Deeside Burn o Vat, Deeside

Creagan Riabhach

7 miles, steady climb, medium

Burn o' Vat

0.5 miles, little climb, medium

Muir of Dinnet Cairn on Craig Vallich

Muir of Dinnet

2.7 miles, little climb, medium

Cairn on Craig Vallich

4 miles, steep, medium

Seven Bridges Trail

Seven Bridges Trail

6.2 miles, very gentle, easy

Tomnaverie Stone Circle

2.2 miles, little climb, medium


  1. great walks - thank you so much.

  2. We thoroughly enjoyed Seven Bridges Trail.. good for kids

  3. The Old Railway Line to Cambus o May was a blast. Will try the other trails the next time we come around.