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At present there are 13 walks to choose from, from around Ballater and Loch Kinord - and with more walks added regularly.

Muir of Dinnet, Little Ord trail

This walk passes the 1000 year old Kinord Stone. 
Starting point: Burn o' Vat car park, B9119
Distance:  medium (2.7 miles / 4.4 km)
Climb: 30m, largely flat or undulating 
Difficulty: medium
Underfoot: ok, along good foot paths, Land Rover tracks or roads
Estimated time to complete: 2 hours
Scenic value: 9/10
Overall rating: 9/10

View Muir of Dinnet,"Little Ord" trail in a larger map

Comments: A lovely, relatively flat walk that takes in some of the ancient history of Deeside: evidence of the earliest settlements in the area in the form of stone circles, and "the crannog" - what is believed to be a man-made island created by iron-age dwellers to protect themselves from attack. 

Finally, there is the beautiful "Kinord Stone" a intricately carved celtic cross which stands overlooking Loch Kinord and whose precise origins are unknown. 

The beginning and end of the walk is a bit boring, there is about half a mile of walking through the woods with not much to see until you get to the vicinity of the loch but it is worth it for the views over the loch and the interesting spots. 

Map of Muir of Dinnet


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